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   02.01.2007   Captime 1.46
  • Captime 1.46: A most minor update. Go get it.
    As you've probable figured up, I hardly update any more. That is because I have a girlfriend, a proper job and such. You know, life.

   11.06.2005   Equalizer 1.77
  • Equalizer: Another update. This is actually a large update, with the grapher almost done, a better and much more elegant options window, and more small bits. The grapher is still in β, but I've added it to the menu because it's, well, useable.
    You can't see it anyway in the code yet, but I also started working on more math stuff, like base conversion, some more options, and such. This is a bit too much for just 0.02 on the version, but I couldn't let sqrt(π) go... Well: Go get it.

   29.08.2004   Equalizer 1.73
  • Equalizer: This release solves some small problems and greatly improves the graph window. Read the change log for more details. By the way: thanks Greg from Dark Project and Tal from Screw's Icons for the fine icons in the grapher.
    Anyway: Go there.

   14.02.2004   The Clock and Lama Updates
  • The Clock: Download version 1.80.
  • Lama: Download version 2.10.
  • Updates: I'm not sure why, but suddenly, in the middle of the night, I decided to update my old programs. Weird. Anyway: both The Clock and Lama now work with Windows XP. I only had to make a few changes, and replaced the old way I skinned them to the way Equalizer does it. They were also recompiled on VB6, so they are smaller and take less memory than they used to. It's probably not how I'd write them today (C++), but they still works.
  • Check back in another 11 months for more updates!
    (well, maybe...)

   20.03.2003   Equalizer 1.55 Released
  • Equalizer : added some minor things, and a major bug fixed. (I'm not telling what the bug was, lets just say I have brought shame on me and my country, and I was expelled to Micronesia. Yes, The bug was THAT stupid.) Also added a new skin to demonstrate how to make pressed buttons. See Equalizer for more information.

   16.10.2002   Updates!
  • Yearly Update: I've finally got enough free time to complete all that was needed for another updated!
  • Equalizer 1.50 was released. Mainly some bug fixes and speed updated. After hard work and some research, Equalizer finally works with the decimal symbol that is defined in your system. Many European computer (and Russian, and Canadian and whatnot) use commas for decimal separator (which came in a surprise to me), and Equalizer now supports those computer as well.
  • The Clock is available for download again, after several people (one? two? three, maybe?) have asked for it.
  • The Site looks better at Mozilla. My 'About' section was updated.
  • And as for me, I'm doing well. Thanks for asking.
  • That's all. You'd think I could do more in 10 months (the time since my previous update), but I didn't. The truth is that when I learn so much mathematics, and doing programming for homework, it's just not as fun doing more of it in my free time home. I much rather play games and such. I shall, from time to time, update my programs with such features as I shall judge necessary. Not too often though. And don't expect any new versions of programs that don't start with "Equaliz" :)