The Clock is a skinnable clock. As a clock, it tells you the time. Quite logical when you think about that.
Anyway: The clock is an analog\digital clock, which can also tell the time in different places in the world.
Version 1.80, updatead on 14/02/2004, sould work on xp. If it gives you hard time use the older version: 1.70.
Download Version 1.80 (257KB) Download Version 1.70 (265KB)


To install these, create an appropriate directory under "...\The Clock\Skins\", just like the installed skins.
Want to make skins? click here.
Note that The Clock is pretty much discontinued. It's still available for download and supported (if I can still remember how it works), but I doubt it would be updated. This version is pretty old, btw, but it still works, and does its job well. Even if one day it will be updated, it will be mostly things that are important to me (like a better skinning engine), and not noticeable improvements.

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