Making Skins

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This document explains how to create your own skins.
The Clock is a highly customizable program. You can pretty much do what you want, if you know how.
This document may help you, but the best way to learn is by looking at as many skins as you can.

I've wrote a Skin.ini file only once. the easiest way to start a skin is by copying this file from an older sking and change the properties.
If you are using photoshp or any other graphic program make sure NOT to save your files on names like 'back.psd': The Clock will try to load this image and fail.
If you want to leave any comments on your Skin.ini file, use ';'. The Clock will ignore everything in a line that is after this sing, and lines that start with ;

General Behavior:
Before any skin is loaded, The Clock activates the default skin ('< none >').
That means that if you've left some details out, they'll be replaced by the default

The Properties:
The properties will be given with all of their options, (df) marks default, and a description
Keep in mind: you don't have to write all of these in your skin.ini file to have a working skin. You only need the ones you want to change.

[Info] You must use headlines!
Even if you dont have email or such, write "EMail=" and leave this empty. The def is mine.
Name=Skin Name (and version) ;Sample comment: this will not be shown.
MadeBy=Your Name
Comment=A small comment about the skin.

[Setting] UseAnalog=Yes
Yes(df) / No.
AnalogPos=5,2,90,50 Left,Top,Width,Height. (TIP Negative numbers in width/height will make the clock show the wrong time, and even got in the wrong direction!)
SecColor=000000255 (df 000000255) Seconds Hand color, in RGB (Red,Green,Blue).
SecWidth=1 (df 1) Width of the Hand ,1-255. Everyting else will show the def skin.
SecLenght=100 (df 100) (100%) Hand Length, presents of the AnalogPos ellipse. Also, can be -100 for up side down hand, or 300 for a long one.
SecStart=0 (df 0) Like the SecLenght, but for the beginning. For example: 50 will give half hand if the length is 100.

MinColor=128128128 Gray
'Flying' hand
Shorter then the others
HurStart=-10 old fashion hand

Smoot=Yes Yes / No(df). Use this if you want the clock to be smoother, the seconds wont jump but move smoothly. (From version 1.50 Smooth will also work. Me No English.)
ChimesType=Random Random / Count / None(df). Random will play any "Chime*.Wav" file. Count will play "Chime1.Wav" as many times as the hour (like the Big Ban). None for no chimes. NOTE: From version 1.60 this will only work if the yser selects 'skin' chimes type. It is best to make a sound pack.
BackType=Random Random(df) / Animate. Random will chose one "Back*.*" file. Animate will animate backgrounds in alphabetic order. Use Purple(255,0,255) to mask the window shape.

UseDigs=Yes Yes \ No(DF). Use or dont use Digital Clock
Break=Yes Yes \ No(df). Yes will break the properties into Sec, Min and Hur. for different size\style\position
ShowDigSec=Yes Yes(DF) \ NO.
BlinkDots=Yes Yes \ No \ Off. Yes will blink the dots, No will always show them and OFF will never show them. on Break, the dots will be shown AFTER the number (07: 42: 58)
TransColor=255000255 (df: 25500255) Transperant color - VERSION 1.5 ONLY!!! older version will show only pink as the transcolor
[Hur] If Braek is Off, this will be used for all the text. otherwise this will be used for the hour only.
XY=0,0 The Top Left corner of the text.
Font=Arial Font name, (if you are using special font add it to the Zip and ask people to install it)
Color of the text, same as before
The next two groups (min and sec) will only effect if Braek is on.


Some people prefer an ampm clock. This will define its properties (if AMPM is on). ampm must be defined here, even if Break is off.

World Time Table Options
BoxPos=4,6,24,33 Position of the table
Color of the clock (AM)
TimeNightColor=255255255 Color of the clock (PM) - from 1.5 only
I know its not very clear, if you need more help: ask!

Making Sound Packs

From version 1.60 there's a separation between sounds and skins. it will give smaller and easier to make skins, and more selection for the users. Sound Packs are very easy to make, you only need one parameter.
first of all, create the file 'SP.INI' in the new directory. unlike skins, there is no name: the only name is the directory's name.
Collector=your name
this is you
Copyright=WhatEverŠ most of us dont really create sounds, so give credit
Comment=I'm the king of the world

Random \ Index \ Count. Random will play a random Wav file, Index will play a file according to the hour (chime1.wav, chime2.wav . . . chime12.wav), and Count will play the same wav file as many times as the hour (like the bigben).