Making Skins
Equalizer is a skinable program. That mean you can completely change its appearance. This page explains how to create your own skins. Equalizer's skins are made from three different files: Background (picture), Mask (picture), And an information file (a text file). The best why to understand how it works is to play with one of the skins, but I've decided to make this page anyway.

I will not explain how to create the pictures (there are many programs that can do that), just how they should to be:
The background file ("back.bmp") is the simplest one. This is the picture the will be seen on Equalizer. The mask file ("mask.bmp") is used to place buttons, and for the transparency. The mask picture uses different colors for different actions:
  • White [rgb(255,255,255)] is for transparency. every white pixel on mask.bmp will not be seen when the skin is active.
  • Red [rgb(255,0,0)] if for the exit button.
  • Green [rgb(0,255,0)] if for the minimize button.
  • Black [rgb(0,0,0)] Moveable areas (to move the window).
  • Every other color has no effect on the behavior of Equalizer. You should make it black, because future versions of Equalizer might have more buttons.

When you're done with the pictures, it's time for the "skin.ini" file. This is a simple text file (can be edited with notepad) that contains information about the skin. This file should look like that: Note: Equalizer will ignore everything that comes after ;
[Info] (you must use these headlines)
Name=1984 Name and version of your skin.
Made=Kobi Lidershnider Your name. ;thats a zero, not o Your EMail.
Page= Web Site (if you don't have one, leave blank)
Comment=Based on a draw I did. Small comment.

[Text] This determines the properties of the text box.
Pos=24,40,121,12 Position (Left,Top,Width,Height), in pixels
Color=080080080 Text color, in rgb (rrrgggbbb).
BGColor=223223223 Background color.
Font=Arial Font name.
Size=7 Font size.
Bold=no Font bold (yes \ no).
Italic=no font italic (yes \ no).

[Answer] This determines the properties of the answer label. Everything is the same as on the text box, only it has transparent background.

  Now What?
Once you've finished your skin, You can EMail it to me (zipped, please), or upload it to these sites: - Deviant Art - Lots Of Skins - SkinBase