It doesn't mater how many times you'll read this; the best way is by looking at other skins. if you have any ideas for Lama, or questions about making skins please EMail me.
General behavior:
Before any skin is loaded, Lama activates the default skin ('< none >').
That means that if you've left some details out, they'll be replaced by the default

Eye Types.
Auto - moves a picture in a elliptic shape.
Frames - shows a different image according to the direction of the mouse: starting from left and up.
Blink - shows image when one of the mouse buttons is down.
Matrix - like frames, but reletive to the screen. it divies the screen to areas, and shows a different picture for every area
Rect - like auto, but in a rectangle. relative to the screen.
Distance - shows a different image according to the distance between the mouse and the eye.
Here are all the properties:
The properties will be given with all of their options and a description.

[Info] You must use headlines!
Note: Even if you don't have email or such, write "EMail=" and leave this empty. The def is mine.
Name=Skin Name (and version)
Creator=Your Name
Comment=A small comment about the skin.

Background Picture. Use Purple (RGB 255,0,255) for transparent area. for best result you must use FULL COLOR bitmap
Eyes=n n- Number of eyes (1 - 255).

[Eye#] #- Eye number (1 - n)
Pic=Eye.gif Picture of the eye. here you can use any type you want. the transparent area of the eye will be black.
Mask=mask.gif Mask of the eye. The eye will be black and transparent area white. you can play with other colors for weird effect.
XY=Left,Top Position of the eye
Type=Auto / Frames / Blink / Matrix / Rect / Distance type of the eye, as explained on top.
Size=Width,Height For 'Auto' : size of the oval. For Matrix: number of frames (horizontal and vertical)
Frames=3 For 'Frames' and 'Distance'. number of frames.
OnButton=1 For 'Blink' only. 1 for left button, 2 for right and 4 for center button. if you want it to be for more than one button, you can add the numbers. for example: 3 is the left OR the right buton.
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