CapTime 1.46
CapTime is a little program that changes the title of the active window as you wish.
It can add the time and date, decorations, and even your name or a self-note. On the new version: Added a remove \ replace list, so it can change parts of the title (like that annoying '- Microsoft Internet Explorer' you see on every page), And optional systray Icon.

Just copy the files from the Zip to any directory you want, and start it. that's it. Installation is over.
You may need to download Microsoft's Visual Basic 6 Runtime Dlls.

Adding To The Title
Use these parameters on the 'Format' text box to edit the active caption.
CapTime will automatically change them according to your computer.
You MUST use lower or upper case letters, as showen, or it just wouldn't work.

  • $c - The original title of the window
  • $tt - Long Time (12:34:56)
  • $t - Short Time (12:34)
  • $ms - Milliseconds (78 for high speeds only. EG: "$tt.$ms" is "12:34:56.78")
  • $dd - Long Date (28 April, 1983)
  • $di - Day (Friday)
  • $ds - Short Day (Fri)
  • $dn - Day in the Month (28)
  • $dm - Month (April)
  • $dsm - Month no. (04)
  • $dy - Year (1983)
  • $dsy - Short Year (83)
  • $d - Short Date (28/04/83)
  • $p - Current system path
  • Anything else you write will stay the same
For example: the format $c - $tt will show Internet Explorer - 12:34:56.
The Format $c Sucks will change the title to Internet Explorer Sucks,
and ~~ $c ~~ $t ~~ will show ~~ Notepad ~~ 12:34 ~~.
The program includes some nice formats in the format list (btw, it is not a recent list).
Future version will include additional parameters, like free memory, and other things I might think of.

Changing The Title
The new version can also remove or replace parts from the original title. For example: to remove - Microsoft Internet Explorer from the title, add it to the list. If you want to replace, Use >>>. For Example: adding Word>>>Notepad will change word's title to 'Notepad'.
1) Both replace and remove are case sensitive, so Microsoft is not the same as mICroSofT.
2) Replace and Remove are stupid. If you have the word Example, and you remove mp and al; you'll get Exe.

Command Line Parameters
Use this from the command line or at shortcuts (for example: Captime /noicon)

Version History

  • 1.46 02/01/2007
    Added $ds.
  • 1.45
    Stupid mistake fixed: $d was yy/mm/dd.
    Added $dsm and $dsy.
  • 1.43
    Small improvment.
  • 1.42
    Added remove\replace list.
    Added timer interval control.
    Added optional systray icon.

Contact Me
My name is Kobi Lidershnider. You can visit my Homepage for more programs or updates,
and you can EMail me for any help you need, ideas you have, or anything else on your mind.